Unicorns and Rainbows, a birthday bedroom overhaul for miss 4!

Im not sure there is anything this kid loves more than unicorns and rainbows. After returning home from our holiday to Disney Aulani super inspired and Moana obsessed her ‘unicorn’ birthday party theme took a last minute turn towards flamingos, palm trees, pineapples and all things Hawaii. BUT to her delight her friends didn’t forget her other passions and she was totally spoilt in the unicorn gift department!

From Andy and I she received this magical unicorn linen and matching pjs from the latest Kip and Co Animalia collaboration (one of my fave childhood books I could not resist!) You can view the entire Animalia collection here: ANIMALIA X KIPANDCO . The Unruly Unicorns were of course our favourite, give us alll the magical enchantment please! (you can check out the quilt cover directly, here and the pjs here) but wow, how to stop there, am I eyeballing those peacocks for Lily or what?!

She also got this most gorgeous book Not Quite Narwhal, from one of her fave Aunties. I’ve found it online and linked it in here

And from some of her little besties this ride on inflatable Unicorn Hopper (you can check it out here!) The cutest little unicorn in a handbag (never not on her arm! sorry don’t know where that one was from!) and of course her light up Baby Flurry Heart – one of her absolute bedtime faves, you can find here>

But my favourite thing of all pictured here would have to be the sticker collection stuck all over the rainbow cushion ha ha!! Sooooo typical Ruby. Can’t bring myself to remove them! How awesome are four year olds xx C

Other items in images include:

Blue Bloomingville Toys play kitchen: Sweet Creations Boutique

Donut stool: Third Drawer Down

Donut cushion: Sack Me

Icecream Cushion: I Love Linen

Plush My Little Pony Assorted Collection: Mighty Ape


DIY Thelma the Unicorn Costume

Today was Ruby’s first ever book week parade. She was recently gifted ‘Thelma the Unicorn” from a special friend and it has quickly become her favourite book so her character choice was a no brainer. A quick look online at local costume shops and I realised I was going to have to get crafting. I have very little craft skill, cannot sew (I would love to learn!) so trust me this is dead set easy. Infact the headband and tail were so simple and effective I think I’ll make a whole bunch of them for Ruby’s upcoming unicorn birthday party (assuming she doesn’t change the theme on me between now and then which let’s be honest – highly likely!)

You will need:

  • Headband: I used one we already owned (from Seed) with existing ears and added the horn. You could easily buy a plain headband from Spotlight or similar and make the whole piece from scratch.
  • Glitter cardboard: for horn
  • Wool (any colour you like!): for horn
  • One piece of firm white felt
  • Pastel coloured wool: for tail
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Pink leggings and t shirt (ours were Big W)
  • Ribbon: for hair
  • Clip or safety pin (to attach tail to pants)

Cut cardboard into shape as shown above. All the unicorn headbands I had seen in shops had tiny little horns. We wanted this one to be extra. And super fabulous! So I did a test run on a scrap piece of paper and in the end went with approx 20cm per side. Roll paper into shape and snip off the base end with scissors (so it will sit flush on the headband) and secure edge with hot glue gun.

Using dabs of glue from hot glue gun wrap your wool around the horn to create a unicorn ribbing effect. Cut two pieces of felt and attach one to the bottom of the horn (using hot glue gun). Trim away any excess felt. Glue the horn to the headband and then cover second circle of felt in glue also and secure on the under side of the headband (as shown below). Voila! So easy.

For the tail I cut 24 pieces of wool all one metre long. This was too long in the end I shorted it a little but a metre was good to start off with. I knotted the top, braided the tail and knotted the bottom with a small piece of wool. Using a hair brush (tip if you have a pet brush use that! I didn’t, Ruby’s hair brush did the trick eventually but took longer) smooth out the bottom of the tail, then straighten it with hair straighteners. Attach clip to the other end and your removable unicorn tail is ready to go!


And now for the fun part – accessories! The sparkly light up Sketchers were a no brainer, stars on the sides of course because THE FAME THE FAME THE FAME. They are so Thelma. And Ruby has wanted a pair forever so it was the perfect excuse ;). I adore this faux fur stole from Milk & Soda. Unfortunately it was freezing so she ended up choosing her Rock Your Kid jacket instead. Also sooo fabulous. And the sunnies (also Milk & Soda) couldn’t be more perfect for the theme!

Messy ribbons in hair for the easiest unicorn mane!

That’s it! This was so fun to put together. Could easily be adapted for My Little Pony or a non character unicorn costume too. Most importantly, Ruby loved it and had the best time at her first Book Week parade! 🙂 xx C