Wake Up In Style

Yesterday I was lucky enough to #wakeupinstyle in Sydney and be part of  a collaboration launch between delish @mocconacoffee and the always delightful @peteralexanderofficial. Little did they know I have very low standards in this morning routine field, the ideal was merely met by the fact I woke up in a hotel ALONE without children, husband, dogs, back to school chaos, Mama’s you get it – but this was so much more! Think fresh pjs, The Ivy Penthouse, uninterrupted brunch and flowing coffee. Style was an understatement.

Moccona have released 4 collectible jars (available in supermarkets from October 24) showing off trademark Peter Alexander designs. I can’t wait to show you what I do with my up-cycling down the track (the best part of this challenge, drinking the 3657 cups of coffee to empty the jars in due time to show you what to do with them! because, COFFEE, challenge dutifully accepted)


Spotted, exhausted housewife plotting how to miss flight home during celebratory photoshoot.


The best part – 100% of the collaboration proceeds go to the RSPCA. Drinking coffee to help cute animals, its a win win really.


Coffee jar to vase. The DIY nerd in me cannot resist a colourful up-cycle.



Match your pjs to your coffee – cute of them!

Santa Baby: A short story about a failed monochromer and a vintage Christmas elf named Wonderbub.

Someone told me today Christmas is 7 days away. SEVEN DAYS. How did this even happen. So clearly I am not one of those people who has their tree up and presents wrapped by December 1 all ready to go. But here we are, December 18 (I’m not going to lie, I just googled and checked that – pretty much sums up the current state of life), and things are starting to look pretty darn smashing.

2014 has been the year of the monochrome. Quite possibly the most tasteful, stylish fashion trend yet. Imagine the era parties our kids will go to in the future, no hyper colour tees, no happy pants, bubble skirts? Forget it! black, white, clean lines – a fashion trend that can do no wrong. I adore monochrome. A proud owner of a mainly black and white wardrobe. Give me a tailored black blazer, white shirt, skinny jeans and heels any day of the week and I am good to go. The move to monochrome interiors, however, I have found somewhat trickier to master. I love LOVE my black and white things, but I just can’t ever quite get myself to put them all in the same place on their own. And this brings us to this blog post – our Christmas tree this year. I call it “Black, White and Rainbow all over”. She’s messy, she’s crooked, she’s unevenly spaced, she’s kinda monochrome, but kinda totally not, and we just LOVE her.

Featuring the amazing Poppies for Grace once again (I mean seriously I’d have been mad not to reuse those sensational decorations from Ruby’s birthday), and my latest discovery the talented Zilvi who has made me the most stunning magenta sign for the mantle I have EVER SEEN. And let’s not forget those stockings. You are going to flip! Our favourite in the middle hand-made by the super clever Pipla. And the star of the show, my darling Wonderbub Ruby, I mean have you seen a cuter Christmas elf!? We just had so much fun setting it all up this year. So the tree is now up, the presents are wrapped, I’d say it’s about time for some bubbles. Merry Christmas ! xx C















Christmas Tree – honeycomb pom poms and gift tags: Poppies for Grace

Santa Baby Mantle Decor: Zilvi

Monochrome Pom Pom Stocking (centre): Pipla

Monochrome stripe and splatter stockings: FermlivngCissywears

Christmas Gift wrap: Kikki.k

Ruby wears: Bella and Lace Vintage Wonder Woman Suit: Winnie & B.

Miffy Lamp and Christmas Sonny Angel: Leo & Bella