Chief & Kewpie Weave School

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Today Lily and I were lucky enough to go along to the Chief & Kewpie Weave School. Held at the divine Bricks and Mortar Creative Retail Hub in Adelaide, we could not have asked for a more fun filled morning. I actually don’t know where to start, the atmosphere, the gorgeous creative like-minded attendees, the plethora of beautiful wool and colours to choose from. And of course Kel herself, ADORE this girl! So inspiring. So much fun. And it’s not often I am ‘out coloured’, CHECK OUT THAT DRESS! To see more of  Kel’s work you can take a peek – HERE. xx C

Claire’s Dress: Bohemian Traders, Kel’s Dress Gorman Clothing


City Hangs and Purple Thangs









Out and about in Adelaide today we could not resist stopping by this temporary construction hoarding turned epic canvas! It’s so brilliant to see Adelaide City Council providing opportunities for art and colour around our town. If you live in South Australia and love a #rockthatwall opportunity get down to Austin Street in the CBD, the builders looked pretty busy doing all the builder things today so be quick, it might not be there long!

Ruby channelling Cher circa 1960s Top: OishiM, Pants: Children of the Tribe, Flowers (last season): Milk & Soda

And Moi – Blouse: Spell Designs, Sunglasses: The Iconic 

Photography: Kate Potter


Cirque Du Soleil, TOTEM
















CDS_totem_russianbars_OSA_PS_TOTEM_ (42)

Juggling the needs of three kids of different ages with very different interests and needs, one on one time can be hard to schedule in. This week we made it happen. Lily and I were lucky enough to get along to Cirque du Soleil TOTEM, just the two of us, for some Mama / Daughter fun. And wow. Just WOW, we were far from disappointed. Having read reviews of other Cirque du Soleil events I have to admit the show was different to what I was expecting. It was better! While I knew there would be amazing costumes, sets, and tricks (OH THE TALENT!) What I wasn’t expecting was the cleverness of the story line, the intricacy of the set and costumes, and the sheer elegance in which it was all pulled together. With an evolving backdrop of water (for which I have no words, you NEED to see this) the show literally just, flowed (excuse the pun!).  The gorgeous plot explores the journey of the human species over time, including visions of both science and legend the scenes pull you into a magical world of dreams and potential. To say it is inspiring would be an understatement. Lily (9) was absolutely floored with amazement. I am so thrilled to have been able to enjoy this with her. TOTEM is a must see here in Adelaide this school holidays!  xxx C

You can find Cirque du Soleil Adelaide ticket information, HERE

Lily wears: Tutu du Monde

Claire wears: Mister Zimi

Photography (Lily & Claire): Kate Potter

Carrick Hill Story Book Trail

I recently shared a few pictures of Ruby’s day out enjoying the Carrick Hill Story Book Trail on my personal Facebook page and was surprised at how of my Adelaide friends had forgotten , or had never heard of this hidden treasure. Tucked away in the corner of the historic Carrick Hill gardens the trail takes children on a magical adventure of hidden treasures. All the favourites are there, scenes from Charlotte’s web, Wind in the Willows, The Magic Faraway Tree, Harry Potter, The Secret Garden, The Jungle Book, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and many many more. There are tiny windows to peer through, giant animals to gaze up at, cubbies to explore. This little trail is one of Adelaide’s best kept secrets. Designed to enable children to explore and discover the natural world, the short walk encourages their little imaginations whilst they run and jump and breathe in the wonderful fresh air. Can it possibly get any better? Guess what, it does. They sell coffee! And scones. All sorts of tasty treats actually. No need to thank me. Enjoy! xx C carrick blog post-15   carrick blog post-13   carrick blog post-14   carrick blog post-10   carrick blog post-2   carrick blog post-9   carrick blog post-5   carrick blog post-4   carrick blog post-16   carrick blog post-6   carrick blog post-11   carrick blog post-17   carrick blog post-3














As a Mum of three kids each at very different stages of their lives, the words ‘on the go’ are certainly fitting. The drop offs, pick ups, playdates, sports practices, and parties are endless. It goes without saying a Mama needs to be comfortable. But that doesn’t mean we have to live in track pants. These photos were taken literally ‘on the go’. Out and about with a girlfriend yesterday in between Eddie’s football trials, Lily’s play dates, and Ruby’s naps we whipped into town for baby cino and a dash of shopping. So here you have it, our real life street style with Mister Zimi.

I’ve been a long time fan of this gorgeous label. Their fun prints and easy cuts are flattering, fun, unique and timeless. Staple pieces you can keep on wearing over and over. Pair with heels for a night out with the girls, trainers for a day of errands, or sandals for a tropical holiday, whatever look you have in mind Mister Zimi have it covered. And let’s be honest, we are all a sucker for a bit of matchy matchy with our littles. The new Mini Zimi range is as vibrant and wearable as the women’s collection, Ruby received positive comments everywhere we went yesterday. We certainly won’t be stopping at just one!

You can shop Mister Zimi here: 

You can shop Mini Zimi here:

Little Creative Factory

The moment I first saw the incredible label Little Creative Factory I knew they were going to become a favourite. As I dug a little deeper into the philosophy behind the brand my admiration for this unique business became stronger. Those who know me well know that when it comes to my own purchases, if I spend money on an item it will be timeless, classic, good quality and often understated. Something that can be dressed up or down and will remain stylish throughout the years. That is exactly how I feel about Little Creative Factory. They don’t follow fad trends, they have their own unique yet super tasteful timeless style. I cannot imagine an era in the past or the future where these garments could not be perceived as anything other than extremely beautiful and stylish. The fabrics, the cuts, the details, everything about them is just superb. Tick number one. Then, as if gorgeous, well made, comfortable timeless wasn’t already enough, I find out that these clever people also share my passion for sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly production.

The more companies out there like Little Creative Factory, working alongside our planet instead of against it, the better off we will all be. I also love the thought, that by thinking about what we dress our children in and choosing ethical brands, we are taking a little step towards preserving their childhoods, and of course contributing to preserving their future. I’ve been passionate about sustainable / ethically produced / organic products for my children for a long time. My first child (now 11) had terrible debilitating eczema and life threatening allergies. It goes without saying poorly produced clothing and linens have never been an option for him. So it was very early into motherhood that I became interested in finding products that would be comfortable for him to wear on his sensitive skin, and also gentle on our environment. The more I learn about the fashion industry, the more difficult I find it to put my children, and my self for that matter, in mass-produced poorly made clothing that is more often than not unoriginal, (copied from a hard-working creative individual or family and re made cheaply, unethically, and in huge numbers), manufactured with no care for the comfort and health of the little bodies that will be wearing them, and even less care about environmental footprint. I’m so thrilled at how much this industry has diversified since my son was a baby. Back then my choices were limited, now if you take the time you will find amazing businesses like Little Creative Factory tucked away in many corners of the world. The more I get to know these creative individuals, families, businesses, the more I want to do my bit to support them when I can.

I hope you enjoy these snaps from our recent trip to Canada. It was the first time my baby girl ever saw snow flakes dancing down from the sky. I will never forget watching her laugh, point and squeal with delight. Her little face literally radiating with curiosity and excitement. I will forever hold these memories close to my heart. xx C













Ruby’s bonnet, dress and shrug and Claire’s scarf all from Little Creative Factory.

You can check out Little Creative Factory (currently on sale!!) here:

Follow their gorgeous instagram feed here: @littlecreativefactory