Bath Time Fun with Oli & Carol









Ruby and I loved test driving the natural rubber bath toys from Oli & Carol over the weekend. Those who know me well know I am a long time fan of the all natural Hevea rubber. Ruby has used Hevea dummy’s since she was born and I would never consider using a synthetic substitution. I’ve honestly been so happy with the quality, and of course the absence of harmful toxins. So I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered Oli & Carol make bath toy’s made from Hevea, 100% natural, hand painted with food grade dyes, these toys are completely safe for babies to chew on, play and bath with (no harmful toxins seeping into the water). In addition to this, the gorgeous range of bath toys comes in an array of super bright colours. Something I had never seen in natural / eco friendly bath toys until now. And you know how much we love colour! xx C

Oli & Carol stockists can be found here – Oli & Carol

You can find out more on why Oli & Carol are a safer bath toy option – here

Gorgeous Bath Towels – Cosi Artful Bath Towels

A Tropical Chalk Board Wall

















Ruby is OBSESSED with drawing. In fact both my girls are. So when the husband announced his latest business trip I thought LET’S DO THIS. Ruby’s cot has been temporarily moved to our room after a string of terrible winter bugs,  so it was the perfect timing to get started. I have to admit, I enjoyed this more than I expected. There is something therapeutic about painting. This particular Dulux chalkboard paint had no fumes, no drips, I actually cannot believe I pulled this off without destroying the carpet! I had anticipated blogging a DIY on this, but to be honest, they are everywhere! Whack it into Google ;). It’s that simple, tape up your edges, and get painting. The only thing you need to know is this. PRIME your wall after your paint has dried. i.e.: Get a piece of chalk, hold it on it’s side, and rub it all over the place. Then wipe it off with a cloth. If you don’t do this? Your first drawing will be there pretty much forever. I hope you enjoy these pics as much as we did taking them. And how gorge is Ruby’s fave outfit from the super cool Yellow Dandy Shop – so on point in here. From Gardner & The Gangs latest “Into the Tropics” she is in her element! Middle of winter here in Australia we are nowhere near the tropics, but it was kind of fun bringing the summer fun to us instead. So excited about the endless possibilities in here! And for those who follow me on Instagram, I have to say it – I’m finding it incredibly awkward writing without Emoji here. How do you even understand what I mean!?!?! #thestruggleisreal XX C


Chalkboard paint: Dulux

Ruby’s outfit: Yellow Dandy Shop

Giant Cactus Floor Pillow: Into The Fould

Balloon & Honeycomb Balls: Poppies For Grace

Watermelon Bathers: Molo

Stools: Third Drawer Down

Mirror: Bride & Wolfe

Tween Boy Room Ideas: Eddie’s New Feature Wall













Product Listings:

RUG: Armadillo & Co: Odds & Evie

Lightening Bolt Light: Fromage La Rue

Hamburger Stool, Pepsi Wall Hook, Red Recycled Metal side table, and game of Coits: Etienne

Check Blanket, Mustard Quilt, Radio Wave Sheets and Tarzan pillow cases: Kip & Co

Born Free and Mountains Cushions and feature hanging: Pony Rider

Douglas – Black and Grey cushion (on floor): Into The Fould

Cowa-Bunga Cushion (on floor): Kawaiian Lion

Dinosaur Planter: Jumbled

I Love NY tote: Alfie Wild 

Paradise Print: Blacklist Store

Cactus Cushion: My Little Echo

Donut Hold Back


OK people get excited, only one sleep and it’s National Donut Day!!! Alright, I know it’s an American thing, but it SHOULD be an international thing. So I’m pretending it is and bringing you my favourite donut esque picks for my kids right now. Some of these we have, some of these we are trying very hard to resist (wish us luck with that, it’s almost as irresistible as a Krispy Kreme itself!). Self confessed colour addicts this fun sugary craze is one we can’t get enough of.

1. ‘Donut Stop Me’ tee: Stella McCartney

2. Donut leggings: image via Pintrest, source unknown. Similar available: Red Rubble

3. Aqua Sunnies: Milk & Soda

4. Yellow Converse: CONVERSE

5. Honey Comb Fancies: Poppies for Grace

6. Powder Pink Bed: Incy Interiors

7. Donut Wall Stickers: Jimmy Cricket

8. Rainbow Quilt: Kip & Co

9. Aqua Unicorn Softie: Ladedah Kids

10. Krispy Kreme pillow Case: Sack Me

11. Rainbow Velvet bean bag: Kip & Co

12. Donut floor rug: This Little Love

13. Donut Foot Stool: Third Drawer Down

14. Aqua storage basket: Down to the Woods

15. Krispy Kreme Cushion: Sack Me

16. Donut Watch: Zazzle

Rabbits and Rainbows in The Nursery




jimmy cricket-5

jimmy cricket-4




Ruby and I were delighted to test run the beautiful Jimmy Cricket X Pax & Hart ‘Little King’ Bunny wall stickers this week.

The unisex decals host the most elegant rabbit, little king himself, in great company surrounded by earthy toned rainbows and stars. Completely unisex we are so happy with this whimsical addition to Ruby’s nursery.

You can purchase the wall stickers here: Jimmy Cricket

Designer: Pax & Hart

Leg warmers: Bella & Lace

Crown: Hubble & Duke

Donut stool: Third Drawer Down

Cot Sheet: Kip & Co

Ruby Rabbit: Cloth & Thread

Bunny blanket: Rebecca Kiff

Lily’s Incy Interior’s Rainbow Room

I’m so excited to finally be sharing the details of Lily’s new fruity rainbow room, her own little sanctuary of wall to wall sweet and colourful edible goodness! The delay in this post, is one of the reasons Lily’s room has been styled the way it has. Our old bluestone house has so many wonderful heritage elements that I love, BUT in true character, the front rooms can be so incredibly dark, making it near impossible to photograph in natural light. And this is the exact reason we decided on this bright and colourful theme. And I’m so glad we did, the room literally radiates happiness, even on the darkest days. Born in the middle of an extremely hot Australian summer Lily has grown up in the back yard pool crunching on ice cold watermelon and ice creams, swimming the days away. These have always been her favourite times, a true summer babe. And now she can enjoy summer vibes all year long surrounded by fruits (mainly watermelon, of course) ice creams, flowers, and so much more colourful fun! As you’ve seen in past blog posts Lily’s room was already colourful, but after deciding on this beautiful new Incy Interiors bed we thought why not treat it to a royal welcome with a whole new room fit out!  I hope you enjoy the room tour! Product listings will be outlined below, if I missed anything, just shout! xxx C












Bed: Incy Interiors You can follow them on Instagram: @theincystore

Peach chambray quilt, rainbow’s end blanket, velvet cushion, blooms beanbag: Kip & Co You can follow them on Instagram: @kipandco

Donut quilt and confetti flat sheet: Sack Me You can follow them on Instagram: @sackme

Love heart shelf and ice-cream mirror: Bride & Wolfe You can follow them on Instagram: @brideandwolfe

Clothes Rack: Such Great Heights Kids You can follow them on Instagram: @suchgreathieghts_kids

Watermelon swim suit: Molo: You can follow them on Instagram: @moloinsta

Watermelon Vase: Lovestar You can follow them on Instagram: @lovestarloves

Watermelon print and popsicle pillow case: Toucan Prints You can follow them on Instagram: @toucan_

“L” Lamp: Little Letter Lights Co You can follow them on Instagram: @littleletterlightsco

Floor Rug: Armadillo & co: You can follow them on Instagram: @armadilloandco

Cloud Lamp: Fromaige is Cool You can follow them on Instagram: @fromageiscool

Watermelon Sarong: Lyloh Sarongs You can follow them on Instagram: @lylohsarongs

Cat doll: Cloth & Thread: You can follow them on Instagram: @clothandthread

Aqua Dot Pin Board:  You can follow them on Instagram: @al_and_em_pinboards

Miffy, Lapin Dolls, Kewpie, Sonny Angels: Leo & Bella  You can follow them on instagram: @leoandbella

Feathered Crown (on Miffy): Pipla Studios You can follow them on Instagram: @piplastudio

Crochet watermelon (on shelf): Lulu & Lo You can follow them on Instagram: @luluandlo

Giant Pink and Lemon fabric tassels: Chief & Kewpie you can follow them on Instagram: @chiefandkewpie

Donut stool: Third Drawer Down You can follow them on Instagram: @thirddrawerdown

Rainbow & Watermelon necklaces: Zebony Design You can follow them on Instagram: @zebonydesign

Gold and Rainbow letter ‘word’ garlands: Boo & Child You can follow them on Instagram: @booandchild

Colourful tissue garland: You can follow them on Instagram: @dd_brand

Lily’s outfit: Top: @bobochoses Pants: @banditkids Hat @moloinsta

You can check out the full range of Incy Interiors beds here: 

And the full range of Bandit Kids clothing here: 

RUBY’S ROOM | A Party Dress for a Party Girl







This week we have taken on a big transition and dropped one of Ruby’s day sleeps.

Being the youngest of three, with much older brothers and sisters (9 and 11) Ruby has definitely had the most relaxed and ‘fun’ start to life. Compared to her siblings who were in comparatively structured routines, Ruby’s life has been a bit of a party so far. When her brother and sister get home from school each afternoon there are constant sports and activities lined up. Having normally slept twice during day she is bubbly and cheerful the whole way through, sneaking sips of their smoothies on the way to soccer practice, running around with other babies at swimming lessons, dancing in the corridors at ballet…. it’s busy but it’s fun fun fun.  Then there is dinner. Whilst she does on occasion eat earlier on her own, generally we give her a late snack so she can then join the family at the dinner table in the evenings. This has been something we have all enjoyed, and as a result she eats a tremendous varied diet, fussy eating not one of her problems as you can probably tell by looking at our chubby bubby! So to cope with the afternoon mayhem we have continued to give Rubes two big sleeps during the day each day, providing her with the energy to charge around and be part of the family fun at night.

This week however we’ve decided to change things up a little. The nights were getting later, and later… And Summer is quickly coming to an end. My husband has lately needed to do some work at night, and has some big work trips planned. The big kids have increasing homework demands and also need to be getting to bed a little earlier without the distraction of our little party girl running up and down the hallway, so the time has come for Ruby to have some earlier nights. To be honest I’m not sure how long the new routine will last. We missed her at the dinner table the first night, it didn’t feel the same without her sitting there. But the next two nights she had adjusted to having less sleep during the day and managed to stay up and eat with us, falling into bed at 8. Perhaps 8 will be a good compromise, still part of the family fun but in bed earlier so I can spend time helping the older two with their homework. Having children with a big age gap can be challenging and I think this might be a great way to find that extra time to spend with the older two one on one. Our family life is busy, fitting in the needs of three kids at very different stages can be challenging, the days are long, just to get some ‘me time’ I don’t finish the day until 1am….let’s just say coffee is my new best friend! But I can honestly hand on heart say I’ve never been happier. I know I am living the best days of my life and I’m going to savour every last moment.

On that note, I wanted to share these photos of my little party girl in her party dress, and remember this chapter of our lives forever. x

Dress: Mr Wolf Kids

Clothes Rack: Such Great Heights Kids

Feather garland: Zilvi

Swan wooden clothes hangers: Zilvi

“Hi” blanket: Yarning Made

Panda Blanket: Rebecca Kiff

Cot Sheet: Sack Me

Ruby’s Tranquil Nursery


Having recently changed things around in Lily’s room a lot of the colour from Ruby’s nursery seems to have gravitated down to that end of the house. I have to say I am loving it. Ruby’s little room right from the start has been a light, tranquil and soothing space. Being the 5th member of our family Ruby has taken over our old study we converted just before she was born. It’s a tiny little room, it looks much bigger in pictures than it is in real life, so the soft colours and minimalist (for me, I’m no true minimalist as much as I’d love to be!) design creates a soothing, happy yet relaxed energy between these four walls. Complete with a ceiling fan, white plantation shutters and it’s very own little fireplace the light streams in all day and the air flows naturally, making what was a pokey little study a delightful space for our baby girl to sleep in.

I’ve posted plenty of pictures of Ruby’s evolving room over on my Instagram feed. But how could I resist sharing this edition on the blog, Ruby in her Leopard Wovenplay Lola Suit and matching Jess Brown doll from the delightful children’s boutique Lulu Little Store are just too much cute for one Instagram picture! Here you’ll see some of my favourite things I’ve gathered for Ruby this year. With a focus on handmade, and organics her room is full of natural non toxic fibres. Better for the planet, better for Ruby. Including cot sheets from possibly the most eco conscious company I have come across in the children’s clothing business, Mini Rodini, and hand-made dolls from two of my favourite children’s toy designers Cloth and Thread and Jess Brown. These are no ordinary dolls, so well made and so beautiful I had firm plans they’d stay put on the shelf for eternity, Ruby has other ideas, she loves them! They get thrown around, ears and hair pulled, kissed on the lips, socks removed and replaced (on an hourly basis) but I wouldn’t have it anyway. I love that she loves this space as much as I do. With firm extension and renovation plans for 2015 Ruby will move into a bigger room at the end of the year as she begins to need more space. But until then, this will do just fine.
























Wovenplay Lola suit, feather headband & Jess Brown doll: Lulu Little Store

Little Darlings Animal Gallery and Elephant print: The Animal Print Shop (Sharon Montrose)

Elodie and Camille (elephant and cat) dolls: Cloth and Thread

Clothes Rack: Such Great Heights

Cot: Oeuf Sparrow from Kido Store

Miffy Lamp: Leo & Bella

Fine Little Day Piram Parum poster: My Messy Room

Rabbit blanket (folded over change table matt) and Panda blanket: Rebecca Kiff

Hi Blanket: Yarning Made

Petite cloud marquee light: Fromage La Rue

Cot sheets and pillow: Mini Rodini

Wooden feather garland: Zilvi

White ball garland: Felt Foxes

Table and chairs: Eames Replica Click On Furniture

Lucky Boy Sunday Dolls: Leo & Bella

Pig Wheelie Bug: Kid Zone

Wooden Camera: Twig Creative

Leopard Cushion: Children of the Tribe