Unicorns and Rainbows, a birthday bedroom overhaul for miss 4!

Im not sure there is anything this kid loves more than unicorns and rainbows. After returning home from our holiday to Disney Aulani super inspired and Moana obsessed her ‘unicorn’ birthday party theme took a last minute turn towards flamingos, palm trees, pineapples and all things Hawaii. BUT to her delight her friends didn’t forget her other passions and she was totally spoilt in the unicorn gift department!

From Andy and I she received this magical unicorn linen and matching pjs from the latest Kip and Co Animalia collaboration (one of my fave childhood books I could not resist!) You can view the entire Animalia collection here: ANIMALIA X KIPANDCO . The Unruly Unicorns were of course our favourite, give us alll the magical enchantment please! (you can check out the quilt cover directly, here and the pjs here) but wow, how to stop there, am I eyeballing those peacocks for Lily or what?!

She also got this most gorgeous book Not Quite Narwhal, from one of her fave Aunties. I’ve found it online and linked it in here

And from some of her little besties this ride on inflatable Unicorn Hopper (you can check it out here!) The cutest little unicorn in a handbag (never not on her arm! sorry don’t know where that one was from!) and of course her light up Baby Flurry Heart – one of her absolute bedtime faves, you can find here>

But my favourite thing of all pictured here would have to be the sticker collection stuck all over the rainbow cushion ha ha!! Sooooo typical Ruby. Can’t bring myself to remove them! How awesome are four year olds xx C

Other items in images include:

Blue Bloomingville Toys play kitchen: Sweet Creations Boutique

Donut stool: Third Drawer Down

Donut cushion: Sack Me

Icecream Cushion: I Love Linen

Plush My Little Pony Assorted Collection: Mighty Ape


Out of the Cot – nearly


It’s been a MASSIVE year for us. Our renovation is ticking along at what seems like a reasonable pace, but as timing would have it, our short-term rental was up 3 weeks out from school finishing, leading to a chaotic end to the year single parenting (husband had a perfectly timed work trip to Boston and London – kill me now) commuting from our family beach house.

Because of the randomness of our year, moving house a lot, belongings everywhere, Ruby has remained in her cot much longer than our other two did. With a fierce reluctance to move on, and the fact we are in-between houses for atleast another 3 months, a cot conversion seemed like the perfect fit to keep her feeling safe through the chaos. I’ve never bothered with one before, have just transitioned the kids straight into their big beds, but this time around, this has been the perfect path!

We have the Oeuf Sparrow Cot, which I purchased from Out of the Cot here in Adelaide when Ruby was born. To my delight they had the conversion in stock, ready to go. If you live in Adelaide, and have an appreciation for scandi or beautiful and unique children’s decor in general, Out of the Cot is just so divine. They have furniture, linen, toys, decorations from some of the most gorgeous brands. Stunning canopy’s like this one from one of our faves Kip & Co. It’s so worth a look in store to see everything set up so perfectly, but if you’re not local, you can check them out online: here.




The cot converter has been the perfect pathway from cot to big girl bed for Ruby. She was completely reluctant to move out of her cot at all, but is delighted to have some independence. And I now have time to work out the perfect bed for her room once the renovation at home is complete.



This year was the celebration of 100 years since May Gibb’s gumnut babies were born. An iconic Austrlalian author, her stories were such a big part of my childhood, my siblings and I loved the classic stories and illustrations and the adventures of those adorable gumnut and wattle babies. When Kip & Co collaborated with linen to celebrate the event I was so excited to be able to share such a magical piece of my childhood with Ruby. We’ve been enjoying these fairy tales about conservation and the magic of the Australian bush so much, such an important and beautiful contrast to the international tales that have become our mainstream. You can find out more about May Gibbs and her bush fairies, here. Ruby is her newest fan!










Safe to say Rubes is absolutely smitten with her enchanting little set up at the beach house for summer! Now to choose her big girl bed! I’m thinking bunks, but cannot decide. Maybe something like this Oeuf Bunk, I’ve always loved it but as Ruby grows so do her interests and at the moment it’s all about enchantment. So I’m thinking maybe something more girly and whimsical like an Incy four poster, or even something classic and upholstered like this.  Decisions decisions, watch this space! xxC

Ruby got Star Wars’d






















My now 12 year old was the BIGGEST Star Wars fan when he was a little boy. I can’t even believe how quickly that time has gone and all of a sudden my lego playing figurine collecting darling little boy is all grown up and teenager like. SO when he said to me the other day could we go to the new Star Wars movie together I was like yassssss!!! WHEN!? Ha ha!! I of course proceeded to pull out alllll his old Star Wars merch so we could take a trip down memory lane.
In rolls Ruby, instantly OBSESSED with our quite possibly vintage lego collection I thought why not kit her out with some Star Wars gear of her own. Couldn’t believe my luck when I got to Target and they had this adorable costume. How cute is it!! I completely adore it. Her favourite pick was the plush chewy, the cutest, followed closely by the Storm Trooper and the PEZ, of course, was a massive hit. Target have the biggest range of Star Wars toys around. Such a hit with my girls I’m wishing I now saved it for Christmas but this was way too much fun to wait for, especially as the movie launched today!
When I was growing up (oh BOY do I feel old saying that, WEEP!) it was all about gender neutral toys. I had older cousins who were both boys, and all I ever ever ever wanted for Christmas were light sabres and basically any Star Wars gear I could get my hands on, so I could be just like them. I know right!? So funny! Seeing Ruby enjoying that magic, looking up to her brother like I did my cousins, getting dressed up and role playing different characters like we used to, it makes my heart happy. XX C

You can visit Target and shop the range: HERE

On the first day of Christmas….













Ruby and I got our festive on today, and gave her bedroom it’s very first Christmas makeover! After the arrival of her delicious new play mat (I mean, YUM, grey with pastel pom poms, actual perfection for Ruby’s room) we decided to run with the same colour scheme for Christmas this year too. Ruby set about ‘helping’ by loading the Christmas sacks up with all of her old toys, and practiced acting surprised every time she pulled one out. Beyond hysterical!

You can shop this lush pom pom play mat and loads of other styles from our friends at Mooi Baby: HERE

Summer Sleeps Here, with Kip & Co!












As Summer arrives at last it’s time to give our master bedroom a fresh burst. Full of energy and zest Kip & Co show us once again that colourful fun linen doesn’t have to reside only in the kids bedroom. I mean, why should they have all the fun! My favourite pick this year would have to be the peach big spots sheets set, but that’s a massive call, soooo many gorgeous prints to choose from. But the clash and the mash is what it’s all about these days and brought all together the fresh energetic vibe here is exactly what I was after.  You can shop Kip & Co SS15: HERE

To make a simple DIY feather garland like this, you can purchase these strands individually (layer, trim, pin and arrange as you please) from Poppies for Grace: HERE

Goosebumps Boutique Bedding: DOWN YONDER











Goosebumps Boutique Bedding have just released their latest collection ‘Down Yonder” and we LOVED styling the gorgeous Gingerbread Girl/Foxy Baby quilt in Lily’s room this week! Lily and I weren’t the only ones who fell in love, Miss Ruby was first on the scene, she is literally ALWAYS the first to sniff out something new and exciting in her big sisters room!! And the clever folk at Goosebumps haven’t forgotten the boys either! The awesome reverse snakes and ladders rocks the most gorgeous shades of blue and yellow. Check out the rest of this rad collection, including cot sheets and even adults! : HERE

Introducing Jennifer & Smith











They had me at grapefruit and watermelon!! I don’t think I need to go on about why I love these amazing fruity Jennifer & Smith cushions so much. Anyone who has been following me for a while knows how much we love colourful fun summery interiors and fashion over here. I mean yikes. GIANT PINK GRAPEFRUIT AND WATERMELON CUSHIONS! Ok I’m sorry, I know I know, you get it. But so much love for these fun prints. I adore!!! Able to used indoor or outdoor the final planned destination for these babies is by our pool once our renovation is complete. But for now they make such a fun addition to Ruby’s nursery as floor cushions for her to read on, play on, throw, you name it. She’s a fan!

You can shop the amazing range of Jennifer & Smith:  HERE!

All other product details listed below xxx Claire

Donut stool: HERE, Miffy: HERE, Honeycomb fancies and paper poms: HERE, Clothes rack: HERE, Most amazing kids purple bird costume everrrrrrr: HERE!, Rug: HERE, Rainbow quilt (doona): HERE, Goldfish fitted sheet: HERE, Pax & Hart print: HERE

Holiday Dreaming with Goodnight Society

goodnight society-4

goodnight society-7

goodnight society-6

goodnight society-9

goodnight society-8

goodnight society-10

goodnight society-11

goodnight society-5

goodnight society-12

goodnight society-3

goodnight society

goodnight society-14

Lily and I could not believe our eyes when came across these super fun cactus pyjamas from The Goodnight Society. I mean, SQUEAL!!! So cute!

We spent the afternoon lounging around in these beauties, dreaming of all sorts of holidays. And you of course know what came out on top, get us to Palm Springs!!! Well frankly, anywhere with a pool and some sunshine will do just fine. And as for that relaxing bit? The last picture in this series pretty much sums that one up, oh hey Ruby! Yep standard chaotic afternoon after all, but for once we did it in comfort! 🙂

You can shop these awesome Goodnight Society cactus PJ’s (our personal faves and currently on sale!) and loads more styles HERE

donut rug, grapefruit cushionfish/bird cushions, donut cushion, velvet quilt, cactus floor cushion, cloud lamp, palm springs wall stickers, food stools,

Happy Father’s Day to my Baby Daddy












Happy Father’s Day to my Gorgeous Husband. I’m so proud of the life we’ve made together. Ruby is so incredibly lucky to have you as her Daddy.  I couldn’t ask for anything more. There’s really nothing quite like the Daddy Daughter bond is there!?

After a lovely breakfast with my parents spoiling my fabulous father we’ve had a day at home today. Poor old Eddie (12) has the flu, missed out on his footy finals, and has been feeling down right awful. So winery lunch was cancelled, noodle soup, icy poles, movies, books and cuddles were in order. This isn’t a sponsored post, but I’m making a conscious effort to share things I love here, to keep it true to me, my family, our lifestyle. So this brand, I don’t even know if they have an Instagram account, like, for real. But check it out!! This DIY cubby house!! Can you handle it? I stumbled on these “Build Your Own Cubby” kits at “Imagine If” recently (Australian toy store chain) They come with a variety of plugs, suction cups, and hooks. All you need is a sheet – insert Kip and Co rainbow heaven ! And you’re off and racing. Attach to chairs, windows, tables, or even Ribba Bookshelves and the mantle as we did today. Gone are the days of balancing piles of books on top of sheets to hold your cubby in place, only to find them all crashing down on your head moments later (so many hysterical cubby house fails from my childhood are springing to mind right now! OUCHIE!!!!) So I’m pretty excited about this find. Cannot wait to show Lily she will actually FLIP! Pretty confident it will be cubby central over here for the next few months!

I can’t even find a website for this awesome product. But you can shop via Urban Baby: HERE


Ruby wears brand new Summer Oishi_M, you can shop the range: HERE 

XX Happy New Week! C

Crafter-noon Corner












Three days into Spring here in South Australia yet still not even a glimpse of actual sunshine. To say we are over Winter is an understatement. Cold’s and flu’s all round have meant a whole lot of craft over at our place. I’ve always wanted to try a peg board stationary organiser so whilst stuck indoors this has been the perfect chance. I made a lot of mistakes when it came to actually mounting this baby to the wall, but over all I’m really happy with how it came up – not bad for a first try! And miss Ruby couldn’t be happier! Next step – one for my office. I’m hoping to post a step by step DIY on that one so if you like this, stay tuned! Feel free to sing out if you can’t wait until then, happy to talk you through it!! xx C