DIY Thelma the Unicorn Costume

Today was Ruby’s first ever book week parade. She was recently gifted ‘Thelma the Unicorn” from a special friend and it has quickly become her favourite book so her character choice was a no brainer. A quick look online at local costume shops and I realised I was going to have to get crafting. I have very little craft skill, cannot sew (I would love to learn!) so trust me this is dead set easy. Infact the headband and tail were so simple and effective I think I’ll make a whole bunch of them for Ruby’s upcoming unicorn birthday party (assuming she doesn’t change the theme on me between now and then which let’s be honest – highly likely!)

You will need:

  • Headband: I used one we already owned (from Seed) with existing ears and added the horn. You could easily buy a plain headband from Spotlight or similar and make the whole piece from scratch.
  • Glitter cardboard: for horn
  • Wool (any colour you like!): for horn
  • One piece of firm white felt
  • Pastel coloured wool: for tail
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Pink leggings and t shirt (ours were Big W)
  • Ribbon: for hair
  • Clip or safety pin (to attach tail to pants)

Cut cardboard into shape as shown above. All the unicorn headbands I had seen in shops had tiny little horns. We wanted this one to be extra. And super fabulous! So I did a test run on a scrap piece of paper and in the end went with approx 20cm per side. Roll paper into shape and snip off the base end with scissors (so it will sit flush on the headband) and secure edge with hot glue gun.

Using dabs of glue from hot glue gun wrap your wool around the horn to create a unicorn ribbing effect. Cut two pieces of felt and attach one to the bottom of the horn (using hot glue gun). Trim away any excess felt. Glue the horn to the headband and then cover second circle of felt in glue also and secure on the under side of the headband (as shown below). Voila! So easy.

For the tail I cut 24 pieces of wool all one metre long. This was too long in the end I shorted it a little but a metre was good to start off with. I knotted the top, braided the tail and knotted the bottom with a small piece of wool. Using a hair brush (tip if you have a pet brush use that! I didn’t, Ruby’s hair brush did the trick eventually but took longer) smooth out the bottom of the tail, then straighten it with hair straighteners. Attach clip to the other end and your removable unicorn tail is ready to go!


And now for the fun part – accessories! The sparkly light up Sketchers were a no brainer, stars on the sides of course because THE FAME THE FAME THE FAME. They are so Thelma. And Ruby has wanted a pair forever so it was the perfect excuse ;). I adore this faux fur stole from Milk & Soda. Unfortunately it was freezing so she ended up choosing her Rock Your Kid jacket instead. Also sooo fabulous. And the sunnies (also Milk & Soda) couldn’t be more perfect for the theme!

Messy ribbons in hair for the easiest unicorn mane!

That’s it! This was so fun to put together. Could easily be adapted for My Little Pony or a non character unicorn costume too. Most importantly, Ruby loved it and had the best time at her first Book Week parade! ūüôā xx C



Introducing Doo Wop Kids!















What happens when a dance choreographer slash promotions manager slash radio host starts her own fashion label? Enter DOO WOP KIDS! Brand new on the kids fashion scene Doo Wop Kids encapsulate childhood in a nutshell. Fun and comfortable without sacrificing style, one word springs to mind. These kids are¬†COOL! And let’s be real, they had me at POM POM SOCKIES!!!!!

The second our goodies arrived I was all inspired to get started on a little craft project. With Doo Wop designs in mind Ruby and I got busy decorating her a¬†DIY¬†cardboard cubby¬†house. I painted one side, she did the other. The crazy messy fun we had! Ruby mayyyybe ended up looking more like a jelly wrestler in training‚Ķ not sure what got more paint, the craft house, or Ruby! But that’s what it’s all about right? Just like Doo Wop Kids. The essence of this brand is fun fun fun, down to every last polka dot, every last squiggle. ¬†Behind the scenes outtakes blog post on our crafty fun to follow, but for the meantime, you can check out the awesome Doo Wop Kids fashion range: HERE.

Ruby wears: Doo Wop Kids Squiggle Tee  Doo Wop Kids Pom Pom Socks Rock Your Baby Celebration Skirt Van High Tops Yellow Dandy Shop

Our Christmas Wrapping – Surprise Disguise

australia post


australia post-2

I don’t know about you guys but my kids are the BIGGEST snoops when it comes to tracking down their Christmas gifts. Aside from those from the big red man we always have a little gift exchange over breakfast with the presso’s we’ve chosen for one another wrapped under the tree. Eddie’s fishing rod last year‚Ķ.SUPER OBVS. Lily’s netball? ALSO OBVS!!

This year I’m determined to give them some element of surprise and delight on the day. They’ve both got their eye on fit bits and iPods, I just had to throw them off the scent, insert Australia Post Surprise Disguise wrapping kits!

Srsly, how fun is this idea. The handbag is genius, Lily will be certain she has her gift nailed. And that pyramid is going to keep Ed guessing for weeks! Check out the awesome range of creative gift disguise ideas from Australia post: HERE

This post was sponsored by Australia Post, click here to find out more about  how Aus Post is helping to keep Christmas a surprise this year. xxC


Summer Sleeps Here, with Kip & Co!












As Summer arrives at last¬†it’s time to give our master¬†bedroom a¬†fresh burst. Full of energy and zest Kip & Co show us once again that colourful fun linen doesn’t have to reside only¬†in the kids bedroom. I mean, why¬†should they have all the fun! My favourite pick this year would have to be the peach big spots sheets set, but that’s a massive call, soooo many gorgeous prints to choose from. But the clash and the mash is what it’s all about these days and brought all together the fresh energetic vibe here is exactly what I was after.¬†¬†You can shop Kip & Co SS15: HERE

To make a simple DIY feather garland like this, you can purchase these strands individually (layer, trim, pin and arrange as you please) from Poppies for Grace: HERE

Chief & Kewpie Weave School

weave school-14

weave school-10

weave school-12

weave school-13

weave school-23

weave school-5

weave school-18

weave school-7

weave school-21

weave school-19

weave school-11

weave school-27

weave school-26

Today Lily and I were lucky enough to go along to the Chief & Kewpie Weave School. Held at the divine Bricks and Mortar Creative Retail Hub¬†in Adelaide, we could not have asked for a more fun filled morning. I actually don’t know where to start, the atmosphere, the gorgeous creative like-minded attendees, the plethora of beautiful wool and colours to choose from. And of course Kel herself, ADORE this girl! So inspiring. So much fun. And it’s not often I am ‘out coloured’, CHECK OUT THAT DRESS! To see more of¬† Kel’s work you can take¬†a peek – HERE. xx C

Claire’s Dress: Bohemian Traders, Kel’s Dress Gorman Clothing


Happy Father’s Day to my Baby Daddy












Happy Father’s Day to my Gorgeous Husband. I’m so proud of the life we’ve made together. Ruby is so incredibly lucky to have you as her Daddy. ¬†I couldn’t ask for anything more.¬†There’s really nothing quite like the Daddy Daughter bond is there!?

After a lovely breakfast with my parents spoiling my fabulous father we’ve had a day at home today. Poor old Eddie (12) has the flu, missed out on his footy finals, and has been feeling down right awful. So winery lunch was cancelled, noodle soup, icy poles, movies, books and cuddles were in order. This isn’t a sponsored post, but I’m making a conscious effort to share things I love here, to keep it true to me, my family, our lifestyle. So this brand, I don’t even know if they have an Instagram account, like, for real. But check it out!! This DIY cubby house!! Can you handle it? I stumbled on these “Build Your Own Cubby” kits at “Imagine If” recently (Australian toy store chain) They come with a variety of plugs, suction cups, and hooks. All you need is a sheet – insert Kip and Co rainbow heaven ! And you’re off and racing. Attach to chairs, windows, tables, or even Ribba Bookshelves and the mantle as we did today. Gone are the days of balancing piles of books on top of sheets to hold your cubby in place, only to find them all crashing down on your head moments later (so many hysterical cubby house fails from my childhood are springing to mind right now! OUCHIE!!!!) So I’m pretty excited about this find. Cannot wait to show Lily she will actually FLIP! Pretty confident it will be cubby central over here for the next few months!

I can’t even find a website for¬†this awesome¬†product. But you can shop via Urban Baby: HERE


Ruby wears brand new Summer Oishi_M, you can shop the range: HERE 

XX Happy New Week! C

Crafter-noon Corner












Three days into Spring here in South Australia yet still not even a glimpse¬†of actual sunshine. To say we are over Winter is an understatement. Cold’s and flu’s all round have meant¬†a whole lot of craft over at our place. I’ve always wanted to try a peg board stationary organiser so whilst stuck indoors this has been¬†the perfect chance. I made a lot of mistakes when it came to actually mounting this baby to the wall, but over all I’m really happy with how it came up – not bad for a first try! And miss Ruby couldn’t be happier! Next step – one for my office. I’m hoping to post a step by step DIY on that one so if you like this, stay tuned! Feel free to sing out if you can’t wait until then, happy to talk you through it!! xx C

A Tropical Chalk Board Wall

















Ruby is OBSESSED with drawing. In fact both my girls are. So when the husband announced his latest business trip I thought LET’S DO THIS. Ruby’s cot has been temporarily moved to our room after a string of¬†terrible winter bugs,¬†¬†so it was the perfect timing to get started. I have to admit, I enjoyed this more than I expected. There is something therapeutic about painting. This particular Dulux chalkboard paint had no fumes, no drips, I actually cannot believe¬†I pulled this off without destroying the carpet! I had anticipated blogging a DIY on this, but to be honest, they are everywhere! Whack it into Google ;). It’s¬†that simple, tape up your edges, and get painting. The only thing you need to know is this. PRIME your wall¬†after your paint has dried. i.e.: Get a piece of chalk, hold it on it’s side, and rub it all over the place. Then wipe it off with a cloth. If you don’t do this? Your first drawing will be there pretty much forever. I hope you enjoy these pics as much as we did taking them. And how gorge is Ruby’s fave outfit from the super cool¬†Yellow Dandy Shop¬†–¬†so on point in here. From Gardner & The Gangs latest “Into the Tropics” she is in her element! Middle of winter here in Australia we are nowhere near¬†the tropics, but it was kind of¬†fun bringing the summer fun to us instead. So excited about the endless possibilities in here! And for those who follow me on Instagram, I have to say it – I’m finding it incredibly awkward writing without Emoji¬†here. How do you even understand what I mean!?!?! #thestruggleisreal XX C


Chalkboard paint: Dulux

Ruby’s outfit: Yellow Dandy Shop

Giant Cactus Floor Pillow: Into The Fould

Balloon & Honeycomb Balls: Poppies For Grace

Watermelon Bathers: Molo

Stools: Third Drawer Down

Mirror: Bride & Wolfe














After the huge amount of interest my kids were showing our beloved fiddle leaf fig trees that lived in the play room, their leaves rapidly began to droop in fear every time the troops entered the room with their light sabres and raucous enthusiasm. But I missed the greenery and freshness the plants (safely relocated to another area in the house) added to the room. Which brought me to a little craft project over the weekend. I’ve been super keen to try this out on a larger scale for my own plants, so thought why not test run first and create a rainbow succulent garden for the kids play room.

And would you just look! I am THAT happy with the results. Check that out! Super affordable, and a really fun project that the kids could also get involved in. I did use spray paint so that part was obviously left to me, but the digging, planting, and pebble laying were something the girls really got into, and of course the watering is going to be left up to them (hence succulents being my plant of choice! ;))

Here’s how I did it:

I read mixed reviews on whether or not I should seal the terracotta pots before I painted them. Some blogs suggested sealing before painting, some suggested after, some said it wasn’t necessary at all. So being lazy, and always in a rush to see my end results, I skipped that step, so far so good the plants have been watered twice with no change to the paint at all. If you do choose to seal your pots it is suggested to leave a few spots unsealed, so that excess water can still drain away from the plants. If you’re unsure if you should or shouldn’t, I normally read a bunch of house and garden style DIY’s before embarking on a project, take an average and go with that. So far so good!

I decided I wanted the inside of my pots to be white, probably un necessary but the effect is nice. So to start with I sprayed the inside of the pots white and let them dry.

I then sprayed the pots in my colour choices. On reflection this would have been a super cheap exercise had I just chosen two colours, painted the pots white and decorated with one pop colour (or even a metallic, imagine!) but I of course wanted a rainbow for the kids and at $8 per can of paint and $3  per terracotta pot it wasn’t an overly expensive exercise at all.

I then left the pots to dry for 24 hours before painting my white details. Some of them I did free hand. And the angles I did quickly and easily using painters tape. Just make sure you’ve let the first coat dry sufficiently before applying and removing tape. I learnt that the hard way (again, impatient) .

And that’s it! We placed white gravel on the top layer of soil to create a nice effect for indoors. And there you have it, a gorgeous little rainbow mantel of succulents for the play room. and a very eager 20 month old begging to get them down to water! Speaking of Miss Ruby, she wears my latest kids label crush, the gorgeous Oishi M. Stay tuned I will be bringing you more on them really soon!

xx Claire