Hi there! Welcome to my blog, a little corner of the internet where I share my life as an Australian Mum of three. Here you will find cute home ideas (currently on hold-ish as we renovate but – watch this space!) our holidays, things we love, and a whole lot of colour! My new-found passion for photography has led to this next exciting chapter of my life – Claire Collected! Originally driven to share my experiences as a Mum with like minded women, Claire Collected has gradually evolved into a colourful, fun, lighthearted happy space where I share the things that inspire me. My interest in photography is what really started this journey and I love finding new and interesting ways to express myself through my craft.

So who am I? Born in Melbourne I’ve lived the majority of my life in Adelaide, Australia. After graduating Journalism I’ve spent most of the last decade working in media advertising, a dynamic career I adored but have left behind for the interim to focus on family and new passions. My kids are quite spread out in age, Ruby is 3, Lily is 10 and Eddie is 13 years old. Life is chaotic but amongst the craziness and exhaustion (who needs sleep anyway) we have so much fun. On any given day you could find me at mothers group, swimming lessons, basketball, ballet, football, netball or rowing. You are just as likely to find me sipping on a green smoothie as a glass of champagne. And I’m a passionate vegan chef… until I feel like a steak.

I’m the opposite of OCD, my house is a happy mess, rooms bursting with cushions and colour and craft. And if that doesn’t sound busy enough, how could I forget our two giant choccie labradors Boston and Henry! Life is full, life is happy, and this is where I share it. xxClaire