Our Florrie doll high tea in Melbourne!

Recently our family took a quick weekend trip to Melbourne for my eldest daughter Lily’s basketball tournament. It was a whirlwind trip with little time for anything but watching basketball, but we did manage to fit in a sweet little Ruby focused outing while we were there! We prearranged to meet Ruby’s friend Harlow and treat them to a Florrie shopping and high-tea experience! If you haven’t seen this shop (High Street, Armadale) it’s just so so adorable. Ruby was lucky to be gifted a mini me doll for her third birthday so was already familiar with the store which made her excitement leading up absolute next level 🀣πŸ€ͺ. This time around she was so thrilled to be there with her little BFF she chose a doll that looked like Harlow, and I’ll give you one guess what she named her!? ha ha😜! Likewise, H chose a brunette doll to remind her of Ruby. Such a sweet gesture for little friends to share together. ☺️

The girls had SO much fun choosing outfits to match their dolls and after much excitement selecting and dressing to twin with their new friends they sat down together for afternoon tea. It was such a gorgeous activity for little mates especially for these two who don’t see each other very often living in different states! The photo booth was such a cute touch and after they were done eating they had so much fun posing together and each got a take home strip of photos to treasure forever. We were also blessed with the most gorgeous sunny Melbourne winter day so afterwards the girls and their dollies set off shopping along High Street! The absolute sweetest. We will definitely be doing this again when we are next in Melbourne!

You can find out more about Florrie, or shop their online store… here πŸ’•

Ruby chose a dolly that looked like her friend Harlow, and named her exactly that! πŸ˜‚πŸ’•
The sweetest high-tea for the girls and their matching dollies! πŸ§β˜•οΈ
Gorgeous Harlow twinning with her new friend πŸ’•
How gorgeous is this set up!
Photo Booth Pros πŸ˜‚
The sweetest little keepsake memory!
Stepping out for some shopping πŸ‘―πŸ‘―
Never hard capturing happy moments during special outings like this. I can almost hear their giggles looking at this sweet photo πŸ’•

One thought on “Our Florrie doll high tea in Melbourne!

  1. Alice Duncan

    How gorgeous!
    Love the high-tea.
    Soph and Millie have Florrie dolls. They are so sweet.
    Hope youre well Claire. We had the tolleys to stay last weekend and they said they had caught up with you guys.
    I hear you are going up to ST house. Looks great!


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