Ruby’s Spirit Riding Free Teepee Party!

It’s no secret we love a cute party idea! So when the opportunity came up to host a little Spirit Riding Free themed viewing party (celebrating it’s launch on ABC Me!) for Ruby and her little mates I could not resist. Ruby adores this show and it’s one of my preferred series for her to watch also as it encourages courage and adventure with great role models. And the whole fam gets into the catchy opening jingle 🤣!

We’ve been eyeballing the absolutely adorable teepee’s from Sleepee Teepee for so long now and the only reason I haven’t taken the plunge is because I haven’t been brave enough to let R have a sleep over with more than one friend😂(hello I like sleep too much). Then it dawned on me it’s actually still perfect for a dinner and tv viewing night and I’m so glad we did it! It was such a cosy set up on a cold night by the fire.

You can choose from a whole range of themes or customise your own. We went with “Teen Dream” because the colours were perfect for a Spirit Riding Free theme!

Adore the colours in this Sleepee Teepee set up. We went with “Teen Dream” because…the aqua was a perfect match for our theme 😍. Also love the florals and monochrome sets!
These cute Spirit Riding Free toys are available now at Big W Australia. Ruby LOVES!
We got the party fun started with some themed snacks. Then cheated and ordered in dinner via Uber eats because that’s my kids idea of a super dooper treat😂!

Spirit Riding Free now on ABC Me
The girls! so sweet in their matching party PJs from Kidzone!


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