Over the rainbow for play-dough!


At the beginning of this year we said goodbye to Ruby’s ipad. It broke and we made the decision not to fix it, and deleted the apps she was obsessed with from our phones. While we weren’t (still aren’t) opposed to her enjoying a moderate amount of screen time each day, it was the behaviour we were seeing after interacting with the ipad that was the problem. Think Britney Spears circa 2007 and you have a vague idea of the epic meltdowns we were witnessing. So we said goodbye. Instead  Playschool and the occasional Disney on the big screen are pretty much the extent of her screen time. Sitting further back from the screen seems to be far less addictive. She generally walks away before i’ve even needed to switch it off. And her mood stays constant (well as constant as we could possibly hope for considering – threenager) PHEW!

So, craft is a thing here. Although I leave most of the messy stuff for nursery school  -playdough we can handle. We recently discovered Happy Hands Happy Heart through a friend and just had to rave about it here. The most beautiful scents EVER. The texture and consistency is to die for. And the gentle colours so divine.


Founder Emma is passionate about play based learning and wanted to create an all natural product mimicking colours and scents found in nature. Think Cinnamon, Chocolate, Lavender, Lemon, Blood Orange, Vanilla, Spearmint and Grapefruit. Its a sensory explosion packed away neatly in the most gorgeous easy to open jars. We’ve had ours for months and the colours and scents are still going strong. And despite not being overly speedy in packing it away each time (so me) it is yet to dry out!





Such a cute idea for christmas gifts this year!




You can see the full range of scents and accessories: HERE

Check out Emma’s beautifully curated (she has an eye!) Instagram account: HERE


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