Ruby got Star Wars’d






















My now 12 year old was the BIGGEST Star Wars fan when he was a little boy. I can’t even believe how quickly that time has gone and all of a sudden my lego playing figurine collecting darling little boy is all grown up and teenager like. SO when he said to me the other day could we go to the new Star Wars movie together I was like yassssss!!! WHEN!? Ha ha!! I of course proceeded to pull out alllll his old Star Wars merch so we could take a trip down memory lane.
In rolls Ruby, instantly OBSESSED with our quite possibly vintage lego collection I thought why not kit her out with some Star Wars gear of her own. Couldn’t believe my luck when I got to Target and they had this adorable costume. How cute is it!! I completely adore it. Her favourite pick was the plush chewy, the cutest, followed closely by the Storm Trooper and the PEZ, of course, was a massive hit. Target have the biggest range of Star Wars toys around. Such a hit with my girls I’m wishing I now saved it for Christmas but this was way too much fun to wait for, especially as the movie launched today!
When I was growing up (oh BOY do I feel old saying that, WEEP!) it was all about gender neutral toys. I had older cousins who were both boys, and all I ever ever ever wanted for Christmas were light sabres and basically any Star Wars gear I could get my hands on, so I could be just like them. I know right!? So funny! Seeing Ruby enjoying that magic, looking up to her brother like I did my cousins, getting dressed up and role playing different characters like we used to, it makes my heart happy. XX C

You can visit Target and shop the range: HERE

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