Our Christmas Wrapping – Surprise Disguise

australia post


australia post-2

I don’t know about you guys but my kids are the BIGGEST snoops when it comes to tracking down their Christmas gifts. Aside from those from the big red man we always have a little gift exchange over breakfast with the presso’s we’ve chosen for one another wrapped under the tree. Eddie’s fishing rod last year….SUPER OBVS. Lily’s netball? ALSO OBVS!!

This year I’m determined to give them some element of surprise and delight on the day. They’ve both got their eye on fit bits and iPods, I just had to throw them off the scent, insert Australia Post Surprise Disguise wrapping kits!

Srsly, how fun is this idea. The handbag is genius, Lily will be certain she has her gift nailed. And that pyramid is going to keep Ed guessing for weeks! Check out the awesome range of creative gift disguise ideas from Australia post: HERE

This post was sponsored by Australia Post, click here to find out more about  how Aus Post is helping to keep Christmas a surprise this year. xxC


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