Let’s Be Frank
















Let’s be Frank – they had me at coffee! Lily and I were so excited to try out the Frank Body Coffee Scrub recently we thought FORGET the baby, let’s just enjoy this the two of us, no negotiations, no melt downs, just some quality Mama daughter pamper time. It took a whole 30 seconds of laughter and giggles and oohhh it smells so good, for Ruby to prick up  her ears, in she came running to the bathroom stripping herself along the way wanting in on the fun! So then this happened, a Frank Body photoshoot with my beautiful babes I can treasure forever. After getting over the initial shock uploading these photos to my computer and seeing my face, close up, next to ALL THAT YOUTH, I recovered (not without a few horrified WHEN THE F*!#$ DID I GET SO OLD text messages to good friends) and two days later I look at these pictures and all I feel is happiness. Happiness that I braved it, happiness that I am able to share this life with them and how very lucky I am to be their Mama, and happiness that I have these pictures to look back on, and one day when they are old, and I am gone, they can look back and remember me like this, just as I was. No makeup, just me, their Mama, who loved spending time with them more than anything in the world.   So thanks Frank Body, for a gorgeous afternoon scrubbing, smelling all that coffee, feeling all the coconut oil feels, the smooth skin, the joy of trying something new with my girls. The experience was everything. And then of course, we quickly took these photos, after all the fun, so we could remember it. Because that’s what it’s about right? Sometimes you just have to live in these moments, and document later when you can. #thefrankeffect

You can shop the delicious Frank Body range: HERE

Thankyou to my gorgeous friend Kate who photographed us after all the Frank Bod fun. You can check out her awesome newborn and wedding photography, HERE







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