Happy Father’s Day to my Baby Daddy












Happy Father’s Day to my Gorgeous Husband. I’m so proud of the life we’ve made together. Ruby is so incredibly lucky to have you as her Daddy.  I couldn’t ask for anything more. There’s really nothing quite like the Daddy Daughter bond is there!?

After a lovely breakfast with my parents spoiling my fabulous father we’ve had a day at home today. Poor old Eddie (12) has the flu, missed out on his footy finals, and has been feeling down right awful. So winery lunch was cancelled, noodle soup, icy poles, movies, books and cuddles were in order. This isn’t a sponsored post, but I’m making a conscious effort to share things I love here, to keep it true to me, my family, our lifestyle. So this brand, I don’t even know if they have an Instagram account, like, for real. But check it out!! This DIY cubby house!! Can you handle it? I stumbled on these “Build Your Own Cubby” kits at “Imagine If” recently (Australian toy store chain) They come with a variety of plugs, suction cups, and hooks. All you need is a sheet – insert Kip and Co rainbow heaven ! And you’re off and racing. Attach to chairs, windows, tables, or even Ribba Bookshelves and the mantle as we did today. Gone are the days of balancing piles of books on top of sheets to hold your cubby in place, only to find them all crashing down on your head moments later (so many hysterical cubby house fails from my childhood are springing to mind right now! OUCHIE!!!!) So I’m pretty excited about this find. Cannot wait to show Lily she will actually FLIP! Pretty confident it will be cubby central over here for the next few months!

I can’t even find a website for this awesome product. But you can shop via Urban Baby: HERE


Ruby wears brand new Summer Oishi_M, you can shop the range: HERE 

XX Happy New Week! C

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