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Three days into Spring here in South Australia yet still not even a glimpse of actual sunshine. To say we are over Winter is an understatement. Cold’s and flu’s all round have meant a whole lot of craft over at our place. I’ve always wanted to try a peg board stationary organiser so whilst stuck indoors this has been the perfect chance. I made a lot of mistakes when it came to actually mounting this baby to the wall, but over all I’m really happy with how it came up – not bad for a first try! And miss Ruby couldn’t be happier! Next step – one for my office. I’m hoping to post a step by step DIY on that one so if you like this, stay tuned! Feel free to sing out if you can’t wait until then, happy to talk you through it!! xx C

15 thoughts on “Crafter-noon Corner

  1. Claire this is amazing! I have some pegboard that i am putting in a cubby house. Did you pack the wall out and then put the peg board up?(I was told to do this in bunnings so the hooks can go through to the back) Or did you just put it straight onto wall and use the 3D sticker hooks.
    Love it ALL


  2. Amy

    Love love love your colourful posts & DIY ❤️
    May I ask where the baskets are from as I have been looking for similar for my sons playroom to no avail?


    • Thanks Amy! I actually bought those from Bunnings and sprayed them pink. The white ones are all IKEA. I hope that helps! Down to the Woods have some gorgeous baskets too I’ve just ordered some big ones from them for Ruby’s room, they come in lots of sizes 🙂


  3. Melanie Washington

    Hi Claire! I absolutely love what you have done with Ruby’s room! It looks amazing! My youngest is 2.5 and I’ve been looking around for a table/desk like this as it’s perfect for her age. May I please ask where you got it from?
    Thanks, Mel : )


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