Bath Time Fun with Oli & Carol









Ruby and I loved test driving the natural rubber bath toys from Oli & Carol over the weekend. Those who know me well know I am a long time fan of the all natural Hevea rubber. Ruby has used Hevea dummy’s since she was born and I would never consider using a synthetic substitution. I’ve honestly been so happy with the quality, and of course the absence of harmful toxins. So I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered Oli & Carol make bath toy’s made from Hevea, 100% natural, hand painted with food grade dyes, these toys are completely safe for babies to chew on, play and bath with (no harmful toxins seeping into the water). In addition to this, the gorgeous range of bath toys comes in an array of super bright colours. Something I had never seen in natural / eco friendly bath toys until now. And you know how much we love colour! xx C

Oli & Carol stockists can be found here – Oli & Carol

You can find out more on why Oli & Carol are a safer bath toy option – here

Gorgeous Bath Towels – Cosi Artful Bath Towels

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