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Such Great Heights Woman & Child

You may already know Ryan and Jo and their gorgeous label Such Great Heights Kids for their super popular and ever so whimsical Wonder Tents and Clothes racks that have generated a dedicated following since they started their adventure three years ago. Now found in children’s bedrooms and stores all over the world the next chapter for this creative and inspiring label has begun. After a recent trip to explore new ideas in the US, they’ve now celebrated the launch of the latest addition to their enchanting label – Woman & Child Apparel. Jo and Ryan are so thrilled to have worked so closely with some amazing artists to come up with the surface designs, these collaboration pieces have been printed and made in the US on quality 100% cotton and are a gorgeous comfortable easy wearing design.

Ruby and I were thrilled to test run the Carnevale style (surface print designed by the talented Laura Blythman) over the weekend. (Quite possibly the best dressed Mama Babe duo at the local Play School Concert!!) Ruby is 22 months and wears the size 3 romper. Claire (that’s me!) is 5 foot 10 and wears a size M.

You can shop the range – Here.

xx C

3 thoughts on “Such Great Heights Apparel, Woman & Child

  1. Lorelle Coates

    Claire, this is fabulous! I saw the gorgeous photos from the NYC shoot featuring the lovely Sonja. Great to see you and Miss Ruby rocking the print and awesome design.
    Simply gorgeous

    Lorelle 😊❤️ Xxx


  2. Exciting to see a brand expand and grow into new ventures. You captured Such Great Heights clothing brand beautifully with shoot. Your blog and IG feed are my new favorite go to for inspiration! Thanks so much! XOXO


    • Hi Emily oh Thankyou so much such wonderful feedback. I adore Such Greats Heights, their kind authentic souls shine through in they’re gorgeous growing business I think 🙂 I loved taking these photos so glad they’re enjoyed xx


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