A Tropical Chalk Board Wall

















Ruby is OBSESSED with drawing. In fact both my girls are. So when the husband announced his latest business trip I thought LET’S DO THIS. Ruby’s cot has been temporarily moved to our room after a string of terrible winter bugs,  so it was the perfect timing to get started. I have to admit, I enjoyed this more than I expected. There is something therapeutic about painting. This particular Dulux chalkboard paint had no fumes, no drips, I actually cannot believe I pulled this off without destroying the carpet! I had anticipated blogging a DIY on this, but to be honest, they are everywhere! Whack it into Google ;). It’s that simple, tape up your edges, and get painting. The only thing you need to know is this. PRIME your wall after your paint has dried. i.e.: Get a piece of chalk, hold it on it’s side, and rub it all over the place. Then wipe it off with a cloth. If you don’t do this? Your first drawing will be there pretty much forever. I hope you enjoy these pics as much as we did taking them. And how gorge is Ruby’s fave outfit from the super cool Yellow Dandy Shop – so on point in here. From Gardner & The Gangs latest “Into the Tropics” she is in her element! Middle of winter here in Australia we are nowhere near the tropics, but it was kind of fun bringing the summer fun to us instead. So excited about the endless possibilities in here! And for those who follow me on Instagram, I have to say it – I’m finding it incredibly awkward writing without Emoji here. How do you even understand what I mean!?!?! #thestruggleisreal XX C


Chalkboard paint: Dulux

Ruby’s outfit: Yellow Dandy Shop

Giant Cactus Floor Pillow: Into The Fould

Balloon & Honeycomb Balls: Poppies For Grace

Watermelon Bathers: Molo

Stools: Third Drawer Down

Mirror: Bride & Wolfe

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