After the huge amount of interest my kids were showing our beloved fiddle leaf fig trees that lived in the play room, their leaves rapidly began to droop in fear every time the troops entered the room with their light sabres and raucous enthusiasm. But I missed the greenery and freshness the plants (safely relocated to another area in the house) added to the room. Which brought me to a little craft project over the weekend. I’ve been super keen to try this out on a larger scale for my own plants, so thought why not test run first and create a rainbow succulent garden for the kids play room.

And would you just look! I am THAT happy with the results. Check that out! Super affordable, and a really fun project that the kids could also get involved in. I did use spray paint so that part was obviously left to me, but the digging, planting, and pebble laying were something the girls really got into, and of course the watering is going to be left up to them (hence succulents being my plant of choice! ;))

Here’s how I did it:

I read mixed reviews on whether or not I should seal the terracotta pots before I painted them. Some blogs suggested sealing before painting, some suggested after, some said it wasn’t necessary at all. So being lazy, and always in a rush to see my end results, I skipped that step, so far so good the plants have been watered twice with no change to the paint at all. If you do choose to seal your pots it is suggested to leave a few spots unsealed, so that excess water can still drain away from the plants. If you’re unsure if you should or shouldn’t, I normally read a bunch of house and garden style DIY’s before embarking on a project, take an average and go with that. So far so good!

I decided I wanted the inside of my pots to be white, probably un necessary but the effect is nice. So to start with I sprayed the inside of the pots white and let them dry.

I then sprayed the pots in my colour choices. On reflection this would have been a super cheap exercise had I just chosen two colours, painted the pots white and decorated with one pop colour (or even a metallic, imagine!) but I of course wanted a rainbow for the kids and at $8 per can of paint and $3  per terracotta pot it wasn’t an overly expensive exercise at all.

I then left the pots to dry for 24 hours before painting my white details. Some of them I did free hand. And the angles I did quickly and easily using painters tape. Just make sure you’ve let the first coat dry sufficiently before applying and removing tape. I learnt that the hard way (again, impatient) .

And that’s it! We placed white gravel on the top layer of soil to create a nice effect for indoors. And there you have it, a gorgeous little rainbow mantel of succulents for the play room. and a very eager 20 month old begging to get them down to water! Speaking of Miss Ruby, she wears my latest kids label crush, the gorgeous Oishi M. Stay tuned I will be bringing you more on them really soon!

xx Claire

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