Cirque Du Soleil, TOTEM
















CDS_totem_russianbars_OSA_PS_TOTEM_ (42)

Juggling the needs of three kids of different ages with very different interests and needs, one on one time can be hard to schedule in. This week we made it happen. Lily and I were lucky enough to get along to Cirque du Soleil TOTEM, just the two of us, for some Mama / Daughter fun. And wow. Just WOW, we were far from disappointed. Having read reviews of other Cirque du Soleil events I have to admit the show was different to what I was expecting. It was better! While I knew there would be amazing costumes, sets, and tricks (OH THE TALENT!) What I wasn’t expecting was the cleverness of the story line, the intricacy of the set and costumes, and the sheer elegance in which it was all pulled together. With an evolving backdrop of water (for which I have no words, you NEED to see this) the show literally just, flowed (excuse the pun!).  The gorgeous plot explores the journey of the human species over time, including visions of both science and legend the scenes pull you into a magical world of dreams and potential. To say it is inspiring would be an understatement. Lily (9) was absolutely floored with amazement. I am so thrilled to have been able to enjoy this with her. TOTEM is a must see here in Adelaide this school holidays!  xxx C

You can find Cirque du Soleil Adelaide ticket information, HERE

Lily wears: Tutu du Monde

Claire wears: Mister Zimi

Photography (Lily & Claire): Kate Potter

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