March to the Beat of Your Own Drum

FEATHERSPELL-13   FEATHERSPELL-14   FEATHERSPELL-15   FEATHERSPELL-11   FEATHERSPELL-16   FEATHERSPELL-17   FEATHERSPELL-20   FEATHERSPELL-21   FEATHERSPELL-31 FEATHERSPELL-25 FEATHERSPELL-10 FEATHERSPELL-19 FEATHERSPELL-5   FEATHERSPELL-3   FEATHERSPELL-4   FEATHERSPELL-2   I’m always so excited to come across new designers with a point of difference. When I stumbled on this Wild Boheme dress from Feather Drum I couldn’t believe the beauty, quality originality and elegance of this label. Made from 100% pure wool the dress has the most exquisite design – rich bold colours of burgundy and wine the dress, to me, is Australian Autumn at it’s best. When designing her label owner Kelly-Lee drew inspiration from her life long love of French design, combined with her local Australian environment and bohemian style. I think you’ll agree the combination is just so so beautiful. We took these photos on an outing to our favourite part of the Adelaide Hills, Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens. What started out as a beautiful sunny morning turned into an even more cold wet misty afternoon. As we left that evening on that last day of May, I honestly felt like we had watched the seasons turn from Autumn, to Winter, right before our eyes. The blue magnifying glass was never meant to be part of this shoot. Instead, wrestling it off Ruby, became the shoot. (I feel like I need to insert a laughing face emoji right now, I’m laughing, loud) I honestly can’t look at her face peering through that glass without exploding with laughter. I just had to include them in the blogpost. What wonderful moments to treasure. XX C Ruby wears Feather Drum, you can shop the look: Here Claire wears Spell Designs, you can shop the look: Here 

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