Carrick Hill Story Book Trail

I recently shared a few pictures of Ruby’s day out enjoying the Carrick Hill Story Book Trail on my personal Facebook page and was surprised at how of my Adelaide friends had forgotten , or had never heard of this hidden treasure. Tucked away in the corner of the historic Carrick Hill gardens the trail takes children on a magical adventure of hidden treasures. All the favourites are there, scenes from Charlotte’s web, Wind in the Willows, The Magic Faraway Tree, Harry Potter, The Secret Garden, The Jungle Book, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and many many more. There are tiny windows to peer through, giant animals to gaze up at, cubbies to explore. This little trail is one of Adelaide’s best kept secrets. Designed to enable children to explore and discover the natural world, the short walk encourages their little imaginations whilst they run and jump and breathe in the wonderful fresh air. Can it possibly get any better? Guess what, it does. They sell coffee! And scones. All sorts of tasty treats actually. No need to thank me. Enjoy! xx C carrick blog post-15   carrick blog post-13   carrick blog post-14   carrick blog post-10   carrick blog post-2   carrick blog post-9   carrick blog post-5   carrick blog post-4   carrick blog post-16   carrick blog post-6   carrick blog post-11   carrick blog post-17   carrick blog post-3

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