“You’re One in a Melon” – Lily turns 9

Lily’s Watermelon 9th Birthday has been and gone and I’m so excited to share the details of the day with you all. What started with Lily’s love of all things watermelon turned into a whole lot of DIY crafting craziness, and I have to admit, the lead up was just as much fun as the actual party! I was asked this week what was the best part of the party and my answer was, without a doubt, the t-shirt painting thanks to Blank Canvas Gifts . Lily and I discovered them when deciding what she would wear on the day. Having chosen the perfect watermelon bathers L decided she’d like to make her own t-shirt to wear. Having created so much of the decor ourselves leading up to the party it was becoming a bit of a DIY project all the way, so I thought why not! We did a practice run and loved it so much we realised it would be a great activity for everyone to take part in at the party. The girls (9) were the perfect age for the activity. I extended the party for an extra hour (3 hours: craft, food, swim) and the t-shirt painting filled in more than a whole hour. They even kept dashing back to add more glitter and finishing touches throughout the afternoon. And the creativity from the girls was just delightful! Not one t-shirt was the same. Even better, it filled in so much time, that combined with swimming, and the pinata, we had no need for any other games. Triple ticks! The party wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing invitations, watermelon scatters and party favour tags from the fabulous Piccolo Studio. Getting those organised in advance made the day so much easier to plan, I really just had to fill in the gaps. The table was decked out with decorative goodies from the fabulous The Party Provider , a watermelon themed tassel garland from my friends at The House of POM , marquee lights from the gorgeous Little Letter Lights Company and the table frame and drinks canister were hired from Adelaide party stylists Red Apple Events And I will reluctantly give this source away…. my oh so talented cake maker, I mean did you SEE that watermelon amazingness!? For those of you living in Adelaide, there is no one better: Create Me A Cake!  WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-2 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-7 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-69 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-15 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-21 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-23 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-12 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-8 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-40 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-25 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-26 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-28 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-54 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-41 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-55 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-59 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-61 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-10 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-24 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-53 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-35 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-34 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-33 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-45 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-47 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-46 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-51 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-50 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-63 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-66 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-65 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-30 WATERMELON PARTY PHOTOS-49 lolly-2 Extra details: Lily’s watermelon bathers: Molo Lily’s watermelon headband: Top Knot Girl Ruby’s watermelon top: Bobo Choses Claire’s watermelon top: Gorman Clothing DIY Piñata instructions: Oh Happy Day Blog DIY fruit slice umbrella instructions: Studio DIY Custom invitations, scatters, party favour tags: Piccolo Studio Honeycomb balls, party plates, cups, straws: The Party Provider Custom garland: The House of POM

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