DIY Watermelon Shoes

Lily’s watermelon themed birthday party is only two weeks away and we are channeling all things fruitalicious until then.

During a wardrobe clean out yesterday I found myself with handfuls of old shoes that were on the cusp of being thrown out. And suddenly this idea came to me. Why not jazz up the old shoes for Lily’s birthday party! I jumped online for inspiration and sure enough painting shoes is an actual thing, who knew! Whilst I don’t think we are about to get snapped up as head designer, (or assistant, or tea and biscuit makers for that matter) at Nike, this was such a super fun activity to do with Lily and her best friend during their sleep over last night. I set them up at the dining table after dinner, put on the Frozen soundtrack, and joined them painting and singing the night away. Wow how my Saturday nights have changed!

The DIY on this is easy (if we can do it anyone can!!) We chose to use fabric paints and a black permanent marker for the seeds. But I’ve seen other people have done this using just markers and probably achieved a slightly cleaner result than we did. Keeping in mind I let the girls (9) do most of the work themselves, with a bit of tidying up by me at the end, I’m absolutely thrilled with how they turned out.

If you want to try this at home with your kids, and don’t have any shoes you’re ready to part with, check out Blank Canvas Gifts: I discovered their creative gifts and party packs recently and I’m thrilled to be featuring them at Lily’s birthday party in two weeks. I won’t get carried away and spoil the surprise yet but I can’t wait to show you more from them soon! xx C


watermelon shoes-7


watermelon shoes-2

watermelon shoes

6 thoughts on “DIY Watermelon Shoes

  1. These are fantastic!!!! What a fun idea. I seriously cannot wait to see details from this party! I’ve officially decided on doing a confetti birthday party for Isla too, as I had a few other ideas but kept thinking of how fun Ruby’s party looked!!! Thank you times a million for the inspiration. xo


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