RUBY’S ROOM | A Party Dress for a Party Girl







This week we have taken on a big transition and dropped one of Ruby’s day sleeps.

Being the youngest of three, with much older brothers and sisters (9 and 11) Ruby has definitely had the most relaxed and ‘fun’ start to life. Compared to her siblings who were in comparatively structured routines, Ruby’s life has been a bit of a party so far. When her brother and sister get home from school each afternoon there are constant sports and activities lined up. Having normally slept twice during day she is bubbly and cheerful the whole way through, sneaking sips of their smoothies on the way to soccer practice, running around with other babies at swimming lessons, dancing in the corridors at ballet…. it’s busy but it’s fun fun fun.  Then there is dinner. Whilst she does on occasion eat earlier on her own, generally we give her a late snack so she can then join the family at the dinner table in the evenings. This has been something we have all enjoyed, and as a result she eats a tremendous varied diet, fussy eating not one of her problems as you can probably tell by looking at our chubby bubby! So to cope with the afternoon mayhem we have continued to give Rubes two big sleeps during the day each day, providing her with the energy to charge around and be part of the family fun at night.

This week however we’ve decided to change things up a little. The nights were getting later, and later… And Summer is quickly coming to an end. My husband has lately needed to do some work at night, and has some big work trips planned. The big kids have increasing homework demands and also need to be getting to bed a little earlier without the distraction of our little party girl running up and down the hallway, so the time has come for Ruby to have some earlier nights. To be honest I’m not sure how long the new routine will last. We missed her at the dinner table the first night, it didn’t feel the same without her sitting there. But the next two nights she had adjusted to having less sleep during the day and managed to stay up and eat with us, falling into bed at 8. Perhaps 8 will be a good compromise, still part of the family fun but in bed earlier so I can spend time helping the older two with their homework. Having children with a big age gap can be challenging and I think this might be a great way to find that extra time to spend with the older two one on one. Our family life is busy, fitting in the needs of three kids at very different stages can be challenging, the days are long, just to get some ‘me time’ I don’t finish the day until 1am….let’s just say coffee is my new best friend! But I can honestly hand on heart say I’ve never been happier. I know I am living the best days of my life and I’m going to savour every last moment.

On that note, I wanted to share these photos of my little party girl in her party dress, and remember this chapter of our lives forever. x

Dress: Mr Wolf Kids

Clothes Rack: Such Great Heights Kids

Feather garland: Zilvi

Swan wooden clothes hangers: Zilvi

“Hi” blanket: Yarning Made

Panda Blanket: Rebecca Kiff

Cot Sheet: Sack Me

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