Ruby Turns 1: Cloudy With a Chance of CONFETTI.

Our baby girl recently turned one. Ruby is our third child so we were completely aware that she wouldn’t be too fussed about her party, 80 people in her house, 30 kids touching all her toys, it was a recipe for a major meltdown. BUT… after a year of sleepless nights, reflux, breastfeeding issues, and countless nappy changes, combined with the joy of watching our darling girl achieve those magical first year milestones (I mean seriously, how fast do they grow that first year!) we felt we all deserved this party. An opportunity to celebrate all things Ruby, but also all things our family. Ruby is after all the one that brings us all together. My big kid’s step Dad is her Dad (and my spunky husband), she’s their sister, and I’m Mama Bear to all of them (confusing much?). One big happy family.

Don’t be fooled by the pristine presentation of these photos, the party was at one point completely rained out. When I say rain, I mean ALL DAY TORRENTIAL. There were tears (all mine), there were major meltdowns (guilty again!) but at the end of the day only one thing mattered. All our dearest people came to celebrate Ruby’s special day, and we had the best time ever! The decorations, the outfits, the food – if I don’t say so myself, were so darn fun! But hey – it didn’t matter  too much, the smiles on everyone’s faces, the effort they put into coming along to celebrate with us and our baby girl, the fun the kids had with all their friends, those were the things that meant the world to us. The rain cleared, (and the humidity set in – let’s pretend we don’t notice my ‘it’s been raining all day and now it’s crazy amounts of humid’ hair do!) and the party went 8 hours longer than we expected, the tell-tale sign of a successful first birthday party!

The theme was loosely ‘confetti’. Inspired by Ruby’s bright colourful personality. The night before the party Ruby went to bed in confetti pyjamas, confetti sheets, and when she woke up her whole world had been converted into a sea of cascading colour. All our inspiration came from the amazing party extraordinaire’s Poppies for Grace. Party details will be outlined below, but if you’re planning a party soon definitely check them out. I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I loved putting it together.






party planning-3












IMG_7921-1ruby party








Party supplies: POPPIES FOR GRACE: Honey comb fancies, confetti scatters, straws, plates, streamers, balloons, crepe paper, mini gold letter balloons, temporary tattoos.

Rainbow garland: DIVINE DROPS

Ruby wears: HUBBLE AND DUKE socks, tee-shirt, bloomers, crown, gold moccs. BELLA AND LACE vintage tutu dress. ROCK YOUR BABY floral tutu dress. BONDS confetti leggings and tank. SACK ME sunday sundae cot sheet.

Lily wears: BOBO CHOSES spotted tank, ALFIE APPAREL skirt. ZARA KIDS white dress. PIPLA STUDIO feathered crow.

Upside down ice-cream cake: KATHERINE SABBATH inspired (Check out her mouth-watering Instagram feed it’s an absolute must).



Follow any simple cake pop recipe, coat in melted white chocolate (I used cadbury melts), dip in confetti sprinkles (available at most good cake supply shops). DO NOT PUT IN FRIDGE. The chocolate will sweat when you remove it. These will set just fine on their own and can be stored between layers of baking paper in an airtight container for several days (big cheers from me for anything that can be prepared in advance!)


Melted white Cadbury melts drizzled onto colourful plastic spoons, sprinkled with an assortment of edible confetti and silver sprinkles. Tick!


These were probably the most popular item on the sweets table. And the most simple! Dip Oreos in a prepared Betty Crocker icing (that stuff is seriously such a saviour – my new best friend), then dip in the sprinkles, place on baking paper and set in fridge. Once set a little move to an air tight container and store in the fridge.


These are trickier than they look. If you make them in advance the fairy floss will dissolve. They need to be done directly before eating. But if you’re lucky like me and have an 8-year-old assistant then these are the perfect thing. The kids formed a line, and Lily and her best friend busily stripped bags of packaged fairy floss, wrapped it in layers around the straws and passed them to the patiently waiting eager children. Effective AND a fun activity for the kids. Winning!

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